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The Model United Nations (MUN) movement is a global initiative aimed at empowering students to engage with international issues and diplomacy. Through simulations of United Nations committees and debates, MUN conferences provide a platform for young leaders to develop their understanding of global affairs, enhance their diplomatic skills, and collaborate with peers from diverse backgrounds. The MUN conferences organized by various institutions and organizations worldwide seek to foster critical thinking, promote cultural exchange, and inspire youth to become active global citizens. These conferences typically consist of committee sessions, where participants represent different countries or stakeholders, discuss pressing international issues, and work together to draft resolutions and negotiate agreements. By participating in MUN conferences, students not only gain valuable insights into complex global challenges but also cultivate the leadership qualities and intercultural competencies necessary to address them effectively.

The Gurgaon chapter of our SDG Movement was hosted by Shalom Groups of Schools from the 20th to the 23rd of July 2023. The summit witnessed a footfall of about 900+ participants and was headed by Mr. Danish Macknight and Mr, Vihan Saraswat. For classes 3-5, there were engaging events like a Speech Competition focusing on SDG 1 & 6 and a Poster Making Competition centered around SDG 11. Moving to classes 6-8, the Debatathon and a Quiz Tournament were the highlights. For older students (classes 9-12), the Moot Court designed for law enthusiasts and the Shark Tank event fostering entrepreneurship skills stood out. The Flagship Event, Shalom Model United Nations provided students from classes 6-12 with a comprehensive and immersive experience in global affairs and diplomacy.

The Shemrock Model United Nations Conference 2023 (Shemrock MUN 2023), held on May 20th and 21st, brought together over 300 delegates from 20 institutions across 6 cities. Under the leadership of Project Heads Ms. Bhavika Dabur and Ms. Vyomika Sharma, the conference embodied the theme "Na Bhibheti Kadachan" (Never Be Afraid). This inspiring event, hosted by The Shemrock School, Mohali, and powered by Aspirant Learning, was supported by sponsors such as Chitkara University and Scholarly, and collaborated with the UN Information Centre for India and Bhutan. The conference served as a platform for young delegates to engage in diplomatic discourse, collaborative problem-solving, and critical thinking. Through spirited debates and negotiations in committees such as UNHRC, UNGA, UNCSW, AIPPM, International Press, and UNICEF, participants explored pressing global issues, honed their leadership skills, and forged lasting connections across institutions and cities. The Shemrock MUN 2023 exemplified the spirit of courage and vision, inspiring delegates to face global challenges with determination and strive for positive change on both local and global scales.

Happy Model School proudly presents the third edition of the Happy Model School Model United Nations (HMSMUN'23), a transformative conference dedicated to empowering students and fostering a sense of realization regarding their ability to contribute meaningfully to larger societal causes. Held on the 25th and 26th of November 2023, HMSMUN'23 is committed to advancing the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through engaging diplomatic simulations, debates, and collaborative discussions. Under the guidance of Conference Advisors Ms. Labhanshi Mittal, Mr. Krishnasheesh Datta, and Mr. Ayush Kumar, the event seeks to instill a profound realization among participants about their innate capabilities to drive positive change. With over 150 students from diverse backgrounds, HMSMUN'23 provides a vibrant platform for students to explore pressing global issues, hone their diplomatic skills, and work towards a sustainable and equitable future in alignment with global aspirations.

The Cambridge Court Group Model United Nations 2023, held on November 18th-19th at the Cambridge Court Group in Jaipur, stood as a beacon of empowerment and enlightenment for over 450 delegates hailing from prestigious schools across the city. Guided by the visionary leadership of Project Heads and Summit Advisors led by Aditya Gupta, the conference embraced the theme "Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders for Global Change." Throughout the event, participants engaged in dynamic debates, collaborative negotiations, and impactful discussions, reflecting the spirit of diplomacy and cooperation essential for addressing pressing global challenges. The conference served as a platform for delegates to hone their leadership skills, foster meaningful connections, and cultivate a deeper understanding of international affairs. As delegates returned to their communities, they carried with them the inspiration and determination to effect positive change, embodying the conference's vision of empowering the leaders of tomorrow to shape a better world.

From October 13th to 15th, 2023, the prestigious SDG Summit in Chandigarh was hosted by Sacred Hearts School, uniting an impressive assembly of over 900 participants from more than 80 educational institutions across 9 cities. Celebrated as one of the grandest educational gatherings in the Tricity area, the event was a vibrant festival of ideas, innovation, and insights into sustainable development. The summit began and concluded with ceremonies that were nothing short of inspiring. Attended by renowned educators and influential leaders, these ceremonies set a profound tone for the event. Their speeches underscored the importance of sustainable initiatives and the role of the youth in spearheading change, motivating participants to think and act with a global perspective.

(Upcoming Events)

Shemrock MUN 2024 - July 2024
Bhavans Leadership Conclave - August 2024
Sacred Heart Senior Secondary MUN'24 - October 2024

Presidium MUN'24 - October 2024
Happy Model School MUN'24 - November 2024

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