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Happy Model School proudly hosted the third edition of the Happy Model School Model United Nations (HMSMUN'23) on the 25th and 26th of November 2023. This dynamic platform served as a transformative conference dedicated to empowering students and fostering a deep realisation of their ability to contribute meaningfully to larger societal causes. Aligned with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), our vision aimed at instilling a profound understanding among participants about their innate capabilities. Under the guidance of our esteemed conference advisors, Ms. Labhanshi Mittal, Mr. Krishnasheesh Datta, and Mr. Ayush Kumar, the event brought together a vibrant community of 150+ students from diverse backgrounds, ready to engage in diplomatic simulations, debates, and collaborative discussions.


The committees at HMSMUN'23 witnessed fervent participation and exemplary performances, reflecting the intellectual prowess of the delegates. In the UNICEF committee, comprised of 22+ participants, the Executive Board led by Ms. Bhavika Dabur (Chairperson), Ms. Kashvi Arora (Vice Chairperson), Mr. Aman Bhola (Substantive Director), and Ms. Jaskirat Kaur (Rapporteur) orchestrated a vibrant session. Noteworthy achievements included the Best Delegate award presented to Russia, while the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, Egypt, and India received High Commendation, Special Mention, and Verbal Mention recognitions, respectively.

Happy Model School recently organized a conference that was aimed at bringing together experts and professionals from various fields. The event was powered by Aspirant Learning, a leading organization that provides innovative learning solutions to students and professionals. Additionally, the conference was partnered with Bharti News, a renowned media organization that has been providing reliable news and information to the for many years. The event was graced by distinguished guests, including Ms. Ashna Mahanti, Little Miss India 2013 and Miss Rourkela 2018, who was the Guest of Honour on Day 1. On Day 2, Shri Rajbir Ji (Additional CAG, Chief Accounts Auditor of India) and Dilbag Sir (Jt Commissioner GST, Gurugram) were the Chief Guests. The conference was a resounding success, with attendees gaining valuable insights and knowledge from the various sessions and discussions that took place.

Chief Guests

The UNGA committee, with an impressive 32+ participants, showcased outstanding debates and diplomatic finesse. Under the guidance of Mr. Aditya Gupta (Chairperson), Mr. Waleed Ahmar (Substantive Director), and Ms. Navya Chaudhary (Rapporteur), Bangladesh secured the Best Delegate title. Denmark, Indonesia, Peru, Canada, Iran, China, Thailand, and Kuwait were acknowledged with High Commendation, Special Mention, and Verbal Mention accolades.


The UNCSW committee, boasting 25+ participants, witnessed exemplary discussions led by Mr. Danish Macknight (Chairperson), Mr. Prakhar Chaitanya (Substantive Director), and Ms. Gauravi Kwatra (Rapporteur). Azerbaijan clinched the Best Delegate award, with France, China, Belgium, Turkey, Russia, Oman, Finland, and Germany earning High Commendation, Special Mention, and Verbal Mention distinctions.


The AIPPM committee, with 22+ participants, navigated through the intricacies of Indian political dynamics. Moderated by Mr. Vihan Saraswat (Moderator), Ms. Unnati Sahani (Deputy Moderator), and Ms. Bhavika Sharma (Scribe), Mayawati was recognized as the Best Representative. High Commendation was awarded to Narendra Modi, Sonia Gandhi, while Special Mention was conferred upon Rahul Gandhi and Nitish Kumar.


The International Press committee, featuring 22+ participants, brought forth the creative prowess of delegates. Mr. Atri Choudhary (Head of IP) and Ms. Labhanshi Mittal (Head of Caricature) guided the committee's exceptional talent. Awards included Best Caricaturist for Ishwarya Kaur, High Commendation Caricaturist for Armaan Sen Gupta, Best Photographer for Yash Chopra, High Commendation Photographer for Sajal, and Best Journalist for Ronika Tiwari, with High Commendation Journalist going to Mansi Gupta. These commendable results underscore the commitment, passion, and excellence displayed by all participants at HMSMUN'23.

End Notes from Summit Advisors

As the Summit Advisors reflect, HMSMUN'23 stands as a testament to resilience, teamwork, and the transformative power of education. The enthusiasm and engagement displayed by students surpassed expectations, showcasing a genuine interest in global affairs and diplomacy. The success of the conference extends beyond the event itself, leaving a lasting impact on both delegates and the organizing team, reaffirming our commitment to nurturing globally conscious student leaders. HMSMUN'23 was not just a conference; it was an inspiring journey towards intellectual and social growth.

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