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Events andProgrammes

The Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu once said, “When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.” Aspirant Learning has acted as a chrysalis for all the beautiful minds connected with it. Aspirant as a whole is a chrysalis, the stage between who you are and who you might be. Its leadership programmes and events have been a stepping stone for youth bursting with raw drive. A drive so intense and burning when steered accurately has the potential to break all limits. Listed below in chronological order are some our most successful programmes, conferences and summits.

Aspirant Statesmanship Conference 2017 and 2018

Aspirant Leadership Programs 1,2 and 4

Providing a platform to young leaders of tomorrow, Aspirant introduced ASLP Batches 1,2 and 4 to culminate the essential skills within students. The participation and responses were an achievement for all of us. By introducing students to various topics and teaching them about necessary skills, we continued our vision to empower and educate tomorrow’s leaders.


Mentorship Program 

Our Mentorship Programme focussed on making our students future-ready. Taking sessions and educating them about various fields like HR, PR, Training, and Social Media, we ensured that our students get some knowledge about the fields they might pursue. After this program, some of the students were given the opportunity to work with us and further explore their domain of choice.

Shemrock MUN 2023

With over 250 participants, spread across 15+ schools and 5+ cities, Aspirant Learning Hosted a series of The Shemrock Model United Nations Conference [TSMUN'23] at Shemrock School Mohali during May 2023. The tenure included various competitions, evaluating student performance through events like Speech Competitions and Parliamentary Debates.


With over 150 participants spread across more than 10 schools, Aspirant Learning hosted a series of the CCA Model United Nations Conference at CCA World School, Gurugram. The tenure included various competitions, evaluating student performance through events like Speech Competitions and Parliamentary Debates.

Campaigns andAwareness Drives

School Building


The team's modest efforts helped in raising awareness and encouraging conversation about sexual assault. People actively connecting with the team and taking the initiative for the cause was extremely inspiring.

Students School Entrance

Challenge Your Inhibitions

Challenge Your Inhibitions was an open mic fundraiser we did in collaboration with Barefoot Edu Foundation to help over 1000 students who lost access to education during the pandemic.


Divers Pride

Our flagship campaign, ‘Divers Pride’ is a 30-day campaign dedicated to celebrating the people identifying with LGBTQIA+ and their allies.

Performing Arts School

Feed My City

We’ve organized E-Model UNs, the funds collected from which went to the Feed My City Campaign for alleviating hunger during the pandemic.

School's out

Shakti - Power to Scars

Hand in glove with Acid Survivors Saahas Foundation, we kickstarted  ‘Project SHAKTI – Power to Scars.'  Social media interactions were our primary mode of spreading awareness. Standing with us were multiple clubs in the Gallup campaign chain.

Student Life


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