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The SDG Summit in Bathinda, held from November 2nd to 4th, 2023, was a remarkable convergence of over 750 students from across Punjab, showcasing a rich tapestry of talent and cultural diversity. Hosted by St. Joseph’s Convent School and led by advisors Ms. Bhavika Dabur and Ms. Niti Garg, the event fostered a collaborative environment for exploring Sustainable Development Goals. Interactive sessions, expert talks, and student-led initiatives underscored the summit’s commitment to empowering the youth in driving sustainable change.

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The success of the SDG Summit in Bathinda was made possible through the invaluable support of our esteemed sponsors and partners, each contributing to the event's vibrancy and excellence. RD Classes, our Chemistry Partner, played a pivotal role in fostering a conducive learning environment. The delightful flavors of Melting Morsels, our Dessert Partner, added a sweet touch to the event. La Pinoz, our Snacks Partner, ensured participants stayed energized with delicious bites. Xero Degrees, our Beverage Partner, quenched our thirst with refreshing drinks. Zoca Cafe and The Chocolate Room, our Co-Food Partners, curated a diverse and delectable culinary experience. AB Cotspin India Ltd, our Clothing Partner, added style and comfort to the event, while Orb Marvels, our Accessories Partner, provided a touch of elegance. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to these sponsors and partners for their invaluable contributions, making the SDG Summit a memorable and enriching experience for all participants.

The SDG Summit in Bathinda was honored to have distinguished individuals as Chief Guests and Guests of Honor, adding prestige and significance to both the opening and closing ceremonies. The Opening Ceremony was graced by the presence of several esteemed Sisters from the host institution, St. Joseph’s Convent School. Sr. Ophilia Lobo, the Principal, led the procession, joined by Sr. Naveena, the Vice Principal; Sr. Grace Maria, the Manager; Sr. Helima, the Superior of the Convent and KG Headmistress; Sr. Nancy, the Primary Headmistress; and Sr. Alodia, the Coordinator for the Senior Secondary School. Their presence underscored the importance of the event and reflected the school's commitment to the values of education and community.

Chief Guests

The SDG Summit in Bathinda witnessed a plethora of intellectually stimulating competitions that showcased the diverse talents and skills of the participants. The Oratory Odyssey, a speech competition with a staggering 140+ registrations, was judged by Mr. Madhav Nanda, Ms. Fiza, and Mr. Abhay Aggarwal. The winners in this eloquent battle were Naksh, Bhavin Garg, and Nyonika Garg securing the 1st position, followed by Uday, Vanya Gupta, and Anaya Kalra in 2nd place, and Pehal, Amaira, and Onish Goyal in 3rd place.


The Talent & Co competition, a talent hunt with 140+ registrations, was graced by judges Ms. Asmita Chugh, Ms. Cheshta Dabra, and Ms. Khushi Jain. The winners showcased their diverse talents, with Dance winners being Anahat, Amaira Aggarwal, Aishleen Kaur, Navyan Garg, Delisa Jaura, Amaira Daura, and Bani Kaur, while Singing & Misc. was conquered by Pavni, Raghav, Jivika, Nyoonika, Sanvi, Sehajpreet, and Armeen.

Art Attack, a poster-making competition with 25+ participants, saw the creative flair of the contestants under the discerning eye of judge Ms. Vyomika Sharma. Kyna Gupta secured the 1st position, followed by Nimrat in 2nd place, and Adina Anthony in 3rd place, with Special Jury Awards presented to Jasleen, Sukhleen, Bhavya, Aradhya, and Yashita.

The Rhetoric Rumble, a debate competition with 50+ participants, was adjudicated by Mr. Vedansh Arora and Ms. Ekum Dhillon. The winners emerged as Raghav Garg in 1st place, Vania in 2nd place, and Uday in 3rd place, with Special Jury Awards conferred upon Aarav, Vansi, Ekam, Yadvi, and Amartesh.

The Great Debate, a turncoat debate with 14+ participants, was keenly judged by Mr. Krishnasheesh Datta. Shambhavi claimed the 1st position, followed by Japleen in 2nd place, and Karamveer in 3rd place, with Special Jury Awards presented to Acacia, Anvi Gupta, Manya, and Kanwar.

Proposition, a moot court competition with 40+ participants, engaged judges Mr. Samridh Sindhu, Mr. Jesus Goyal, and Ms. Manvi. The 1st position was secured by Seemit Goyal and Pavni, followed by Anshu and Nandini in 2nd place, and Siddham and Divyanshi in 3rd place.


The flagship event, Model United Nations (SOLARIS MUN), witnessed active participation from 300+ students, each engaging in diplomatic simulations. The event featured various committees, each chaired and moderated by experienced individuals, contributing to the intellectual depth and richness of the summit. The competition results underscored the exceptional talent, dedication, and passion displayed by all participants across the diverse array of competitions.

The Closing Ceremony was equally distinguished with the presence of Mr. Bhawani Shankar Tripathi Sir, who added a touch of inspiration and encouragement to mark the conclusion of the summit. His presence acknowledged the efforts and achievements of the participants, bringing a sense of closure to an eventful and impactful SDG Summit. The summit was indeed enriched by the esteemed presence of these individuals, who contributed to the success and significance of both the opening and closing moments of this memorable gathering.

The summit advisor, Ms. Bhavika Dabur, was delighted with the success of the summit, which saw over 700+ participants. The event highlighted diversity and promoted unity among students, who showcased their talents. The advisors are eager for future summits, encouraging students to continue pursuing excellence.

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